Can I Transfer Unvested Stock Shares From Etrade to Fidelity?

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Has anyone did a transfer in kind from an old employee stock plan to Fidelity? I have ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan) shares and RSU’s (Restricted Stock Units) at E*Trade.

I’m also concerned about the transfer of all the cost basis information since I know taxes are more complicated on those. Also in my state I do not pay capital gains on employee stock.

If the shares you currently own are unvested, they are usually held at the financial institution that serves as the stock plan’s custodian. In this case, it is E*Trade. Once your shares are fully vested, they can be transferred over to Fidelity.

If your shares are vested, you can start an ACATS transfer request, and Fidelity will help you transfer the shares over to your Fidelity account.

Other Answers:

David J:

I transferred shared from Wells Fargo to Fidelity about 5 years ago. Shares you own should have no problem. As for options, you can not transfer over.

Latu A:

You can transfer the fully vested shares and the cost basis should carry over. You’ll wanna call the company for the restricted shares to get more detail.

Meg C:

I have a small amount of stocks at Computershare, I am not allowed to have the dividends reinvested. Each quarter they pay out the dividend.

Computershare doesn’t charge a fee, they didn’t know for sure if Fidelity does. I have shares of Met Life with them, first I have to convert them to common stock and then they could be transferred. At another similar firm I have PAYX from when I worked there, I have to convert them from ESPP shares to common stock and then I can transfer them over to Fidelity.

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