Can I Get a Cashier’s Check From Fidelity?

If you need a certified check or cashier’s check from Fidelity for your security deposit, you can request one.

A cashier’s check is a money order used to pay for goods or services. A cashier’s check is a form of payment insured by the bank or financial institution that issues it. It is considered a safer way to send money than using personal checks.

Fidelity Cashier’s Check Request Form

To request a Fidelity cashier check, you must submit your request through this form.

You can fill out details about your account number, payee’s name, and what you want on your checks. The cashier’s check form will ask for your signature at the end.


Update: As of recent, Fidelity is no longer issuing cashier’s checks.

If you need to make deposits for your security, you can try alternative methods such as a Fidelity-issued check, personal check, a debit card, or bank wire.

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