How to Fix Face ID Not Working on Fidelity’s iOS App

iPhone or iPad users that have the Fidelity mobile app may experience issues with the Face ID authentication feature.

Some users have recently reported that even though they have Face ID enabled on the Fidelity app, they’re still being asked to enter their username and password.

Thankfully, there is a workaround to this issue.

How to Fix Fidelity Face ID Login Problem

  1. Open the Fidelity app on your iPhone.
  2. Login using your Fidelity username and password.
  3. Go to More → Settings & Profile → FaceID.
  4. Disable FaceID and logout.
  5. Log back into your Fidelity account on the iOS app.
  6. Go back to the FaceID option and enable it.

Be sure that your iPhone is running the latest iOS version. Don’t forget to also update your Fidelity app from the App Store.

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