Fidelity (DI3102) requires acceptance of a one-time customer agreement

Someone asks:

I’m trying to purchase QYLD but getting an error. I searched Fidelity but I’m not finding the form I need. Any insights?

(DI3102) The security you are attempting to trade requires acceptance of a one-time customer agreement that can only be accessed through Fidelity. Please place this order through Fidelity and you will be prompted to review the Designated Investments Agreement. This is a one-time agreement process; subsequent trades of this security or other designated investments will be accepted through this channel.



Otis C:

Try signing into your account via the website. Then try to place your order there. Then see if you get a similar message and a link to the form they want.

Robert A:

Once you sign in to the regular site on your computer and place the trade there, it will have you digitally sign the agreement. You won’t need to do this again, but will be reminded that you signed it when trading this or other more sophisticated / higher risk stuff.

Monika S:

Please call them and they will help you out. I had this same issue, and wasn’t able to do it myself.

Tyler W:

Hey so this happen to me today on a high yield stock with good dividends. Says something about taxable profit after 1000 annually. Stock was GLP yield is 9.5%

Misha D:

Finally, read more about QYLD before buying into it recklessly. It’s not as good as it seems with that high dividend yield.

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