How To Set Automatic Rebalancing of Stocks on Fidelity?

Someone asks:

Is there a way to make an automatic rebalance of stock portfolio on Fidelity?


Glenn M:

Fidelity brokerage account, you won’t get these features. But you can get automatic rebalancing with Fidelity Go. That’s a nice plus if you’re leaning toward a robo-advisor to manage your portfolio. Rebalancing is automatic and there are no extra fees to use this service with Fidelity Go.

William H:

I did an auto-chat on my Fidelity account a few months ago and the automated reply I received said I needed to add Fidelity Go to my account and there is no fee. This is for existing accounts. I haven’t added the feature so cannot confirm the reply is accurate.

David J:

How do you define “rebalancing”? Is it adding more shares into certain underweight stocks to balance the portfolio? Or selling overweighed stocks to shift to underweighting stocks?

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