Fidelity Investments and Zelle: What You Need to Know About Transfers

Many Fidelity Investments customers have expressed interest in having Zelle supported as a method for money transfer.

Does Fidelity Investments Use Zelle?

As of the latest information available, Fidelity Investments does not currently support Zelle as a payment method for depositing or withdrawing funds from brokerage accounts.

This means that you cannot directly use Zelle within the Fidelity platform to send or receive money.

Alternative Payment Methods

While Zelle may not be available, Fidelity offers several alternative methods for depositing or withdrawing funds from your account:

Check Deposit: You can deposit checks into your Fidelity account using the mobile app or website.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): This allows you to electronically transfer funds between your Fidelity account and your linked bank account.

Wire Transfer: For more immediate transfers, wire transfers provide a fast and secure way to move funds.

Venmo or PayPal: These popular payment platforms can be used for transferring funds to and from your Fidelity account.

Community Feedback

Charles Schwab recently added Zelle to their platform. Many users hoped that Fidelity would follow suit. This reflects a common sentiment among Fidelity customers who see the convenience of Zelle and wish to have it as an option within their accounts.

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