FSMEX vs. FPHAX: Which Is the Best Fidelity Pharmaceutical Mutual Fund?

Someone asks:

What Fidelity growth pharmaceutical mutual fund do you recommend?


Jason P:

They only have 1: FPHAX. It hasn’t done well YTD, but its long-term performance seems decent. There are ETF options like IHE, PJP, and PPH also.

Gary H:

There are some solid companies in FPHAX. I wonder why it’s returns are relatively low. I noticed a similar oddity when comparing those 3 ETFs. It is likely due to decisions/holdings/valuations at the time the covid vaccines came out. Moderna has been very volatile in the last half of 2021.

Ernie S:

I like FSMEX. Great returns over extended period. I didn’t recognize many of the Top Ten companies in the portfolio, but the fund is clearly performing well.

Kenneth M:

I also hold FSMEX in my IRA. Started buying in in 2018 and have added twice, plus reinvesting the semiannual dividends. Up 84% vs the purchase prices.

Will C:

I like Johnson & Johnson and Merck. Especially for the vaccine.

Atticus S:

Modern has made me a nice profit. I bought them @ 40ish X 25 then sold. Re bought and 53 and have never been negative.

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