Just Opened a Roth IRA for 2022 at Fidelity. What Should I Invest In?

Someone asks:

Just transferred $6k for my 2022 Roth IRA. Where do I put it? My other retirement accounts are all target date funds and the choices with this are overwhelming.

What to Invest In After Opening a Roth IRA

Adam S:

I’d either put it in an ETF that represents the S&P 500 or put 80% in a Growth oriented fund and 20% in an income oriented fund. You can also set aside a small portion for buying individual stocks that you’re excited about but I’d keep that budget small to protect yourself.

Neal J:

Consider FSKAX (Fidelity Total Market Index Fund) or FZROX (Fidelity Zero Total Market Index Fund).

David W:

You seem to be very young so I would go mostly with a Total Stock Market fund/ETF. You can use Fidelity’s FSKAX. If you want to throw in some bonds then depending on your age maybe 10% – 20% like FXNAX. Read about the 3 fund portfolio. OR, you can choose a target date for your IRA as well.

Dale A:

If your trying to build wealth you need to put in VTSAX or if not available go with a low cost index fund similar to VTSAX. Warren buffet would tell you the same thing.

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