Fisher Investments vs. Fidelity: Which Is Best for You?

Someone asks:

I just had a meeting with Fisher Investments. I enjoyed the presentation they provided, but I really like investing with Fidelity. The close personal relationship and easy accessibility to my financial advisor are very important.

I worked with them sometime back and got my 401k evaluated. They showed me how investments in mutual funds (fees and cash requirements) adversely affect the returns compared to direct investments in stocks. I’m getting closer to my retirement.

Should I go with Fidelity or Fisher? Any thoughts?


Fidelity vs. Fisher Investments

Gregory B:

High front load fees on the mutual funds are not my cup of tea. As far as I am aware, Fisher Investments financial planners get paid based on the funds they sell.

Lyn E:

Why pay Fisher? What they do is not rocket surgery. It is very easy to do it on your own and save that fee. Keep the fee money in your Fidelity account and let it compound.

Follow some version of the Three-fund portfolio. Find solid stocks with a long history of dividend growth. Then track your yield on cost.

Vicky F:

You are paying a small fortune for their ‘close personal relationship’. Move to Fidelity, buy index funds like FSKAX, beat their returns, and enjoy life.

Frank S:

Fisher Investments has crazy high fees. Vanguard or Fidelity is likely way better options. Even a simple mutual fund or ETF would probably have way better returns after fees.

Kenji S:

Fisher is one of our external managers and personally met Ken Fisher. The portfolio he managed is one of our out performers, in the top 1%, 10% depending on what time bracket. His strategy is top down analysis.

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