What Time Does Fidelity Mutual Funds Update Their Prices?

Someone asks:

What time of day does Fidelity update the Mutual Fund balances for the day? Do they update throughout the day or after the market closes?

Anthony G:

ETFs update throughout the day. Fidelity will update their mutual funds an hour after close. I generally see the changes around 4:15pm CDT, give or take about 15 minutes.

Cheryl W:

They get updated by 6pm central time, at least in my case I go look at 6pm and it’s reflected of whether the market was up or down.

Ernestine D:

If mutual funds (like FSKAX total market) update price once a day after the U.S. stock market close (ie Wednesday), and I buy a share of that fund after the market closes (Wednesday), does that mean I get the updated price in effect for the next day (Thursday) or the price of that same day before the updated price on closing (Wednesday)?

Jason F:

Purchases of mutual funds happen at the next close. If you make a purchase after the close on Wednesday, the next close will be the close on Thursday and that is when it will occur.

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