How To Get TurboTax for Free From Fidelity (2021–2022 Software)

Someone asks:

Has anyone received a link for the free TurboTax 2021 in their Fidelity account? Thank You!

Meet the following requirements for a free copy of TurboTax

Fidelity will offer its client a free copy of the TurboTax 2021 software when meeting one of the following requirements.

  • Customers of Premium Services with over $250,000
  • Private Client Group customers (> $1m in assets at Fidelity, not all 401(k))

Fidelity customers who do not meet the requirement can still get TurboTax for cheaper. You’ll get up to $20 off TurboTax federal products: TurboTax Online, TurboTax Live, and TurboTax desktop downloads.


Pete D:

Seems kinda pointless to me – most millionaires are going to need a CPA, not an off the shelf product. Why not give it to the ones who’d actually use it?

William H:

Fidelity does a poor job of providing useful information regarding the free version of TurboTax for its clients. When I log into my account I receive a notice that I am eligible for TurboTax Premier version free. There is no detailed information regarding preparing my taxes online only or downloading the program, preparing my taxes (my preferred method), and then e-filing them. I asked my Fidelity FA and he didn’t know the answer either. So I bought the TurboTax CD at Costco for a discount and prepared my taxes the usual way.

James S:

Yes! Fidelity let me do my taxes on turbo tax for free! I was going to do it on turbo tax any way but getting it for free was a huge plus!

Lakis L:

Quick question regarding taxes for people using TurboTax, if anyone can help. I was able to upload my tax forms directly from TurboTax without any issues, but I am stuck when it comes to the review part of my taxes. On my Federal return, there is an issue with the 1099 B Worksheet. I have some small amounts of disallowed wash sale losses, but in the box that I am allowed to put in what the amount is, TurboTax won’t let me put in the actual number. For example, I have a disallowed loss of .04 on one sale, but in the box it will only allow whole numbers. I even rounded up to see if that would make a difference but it still gives me an issue when I go to file. Anyone have this issue if using TurboTax? I do not feel like filing by mail if I can’t figure this out. Thank you

James S:

FIDELITY IS AWESOME!! TIP FOR EVERYONE DOING taxes with turbo tax!! When someone had made a post about how much everyone’s accounts performed so far Year to Date I started exploring around fidelity and on the summary page for my portfolio investments I scrolled all the way to the bottom and found this link for turbo tax saying I could do my taxes for FREE! I was going to do my taxes with Turbo tax anyway but now I get what I was going to pay for anyhow for FREE! I am very happy about this.

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