FCNTX vs. FBGRX: Which one should you invest in?

Someone asks:

Anyone have an opinion regarding FCNTX (contra fund) vs. FBGRX (Blue Chip Growth) in 2022? Which is the better fund?

FCNT vs. FBGRX: What Are the Differences?

  • FCNT has an expense ratio of 0.86% while FBGRX is slightly cheaper with an expense ratio of 0.79%.
  • Fidelity Contrafund’s (FCNTX) goal is to invest in underappreciated stocks. It seeks capital appreciation.
  • Fidelity Blue Chip Growth Fund (FBGRX) invests 80% of its assets in mid to large-cap companies. The fund targets companies that are well-established with above-average growth potential.

FCNT vs. FBGRX: How Are They Similar?

  • FCNTX and FBGRX are both mutual funds from Fidelity.
  • Morningstar classified both funds as “Large Blend.” Which means they have similar compositions.
  • FBGRX pays dividends to shareholders twice a year. Every September and December.
  • FCNTX also distributes dividends twice a year. Every February and December.
  • Their top 10 holdings include FB, AMZN, MSFT, AAPL, GOOGL, CRM
    and NVDA.
Funds Fidelity® Contrafund® Fund Fidelity® Blue Chip Growth Fund
Price 16.65 (NAV) 156.64 (NAV)
3-year total return +28.93% +38.49%
3-year standard deviation 17.67% 21.03%
Morningstar rating
Net expense ratio 0.86% 0.79%
Total net assets 128.73bn USD 52.72bn USD

Is FCNTX Still a Good Investment?

We asked our community of Fidelity investors and here’s what they have to say about FCNTX and FBGRX.

Let’s find out which fund is a better investment for your portfolio.

Kasia K:

I can tell you I have had FCNTX for at least 10 years and my growth is 98%, nearly doubling. I bought back then and held.

John M:

FCNTX is just a managed large growth.That said, FDGRX or FBGRX if you want same exposure with better returns. I left contra years ago and haven’t looked back.

Julietta S:

I have had FCNTX for over 10 years. Don’t want to let it go just yet. But I also like FZROX!

Clayton R:

Most of the money I have been putting in has been in Contra FCNTX through the years. I have also done some trading in a few stocks but not a lot.

Mary A:

I sold a lot of shares this year to buy other things. I still have good percentage of FCNTX in my portfolio. It isn’t a huge growth fund anymore, but it is a pretty safe one.

Meg C:

FBGRX has a similar composition and returns to FCNTX. I made the switch last year because I was tired of the high fee for contra fund.

Kouichi S:

I’ve held FCNTX fund since 2009 and it absolutely sucks. Sold a bunch a few years ago to buy $AYX, $TWLO, $PD and $CRWD and I’m up so much more with those than this fund. You can do better folks!

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