5 Things to Know Before Investing in FLPSX (Fidelity Low-Priced Stock Fund)

Someone asks:

I’ve been looking to adding FLPSX, Fidelity low-priced stock fund. Seems to be labeled as mid-cap value. However it has a fairly good mix of value across large, mid, and small. Plus a decent amount of international mixed in. Opinions?

Overview of FLPSX

Funds Fidelity® Low-Priced Stock Fund
Price 53.80 (NAV)
3-year total return +19.60%
3-year standard deviation 19.61%
Morningstar rating
Min. initial investment 0.00
Net expense ratio 0.65%
Total net assets 27.88bn USD
Morningstar category Mid-Cap Value

Is FLPSX a good investment?

Jamie W:

FLPSX doesn’t look bad. Lifetime 13.37% average annual gain, since 1989. Good track record. Low cost fund, 5 star rated on Morning Star. There are better mid-cap funds on annual % gain, but this one is solid and low cost. Certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Joe M:

I’ve got 25% of FLPSX invested in my 401k. I like that it diversifies across international as well, and still achieves great performance as well. I also like that it heavily exploits the value factor, which offsets the current high cost of growth companies right now.

It’s in a unique class of its own. It’s good for your “aggressive growth” category. Though I did hear the fund manager is retiring soon. However, the investment philosophy is pretty solid, so it may continue to be good in the future.

Carter B:

FSCSX blows this fund out of the water. The 0.71% fee is worth the excellent performance. Excellent performance, has held up well through multiple recessions, and has room to grow (software and tech isn’t going to slow down anytime soon if not ever).

Tom L:

I would look to growth funds like FBGRX. The fund you mentioned is a low performer due to its designed category, I would switch out of it, my two cents. Also FXAIX is a great index option.

Ned L:

Morning Star call it a mid cap value fund, but it has outperformed most mid cap growth fund over a long run.

FLPSX Dividend Distribution Schedule

  • September
  • December

Dividend History:

Date Per Share Amount Reinvestment Price
12/10/21 $0.353 $52.86
9/10/21 $0.479 $53.23
12/11/20 $0.425 $47.33
9/11/20 $0.435 $42.89

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